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Take Action: Call The White House Today!

Featured: The Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont) area threatened by logging in the Telephone Gap project. Photo Credit: Standing Trees

America’s forests are incredibly valuable. They are home to wildlife like birds, salamanders, voles, bats, wolves, bears and more. Our forests filter drinking water for millions of Americans. And our forests help us fight climate change, absorbing and storing carbon. Unfortunately, our mature and old-growth forests are threatened by logging. Millions of acres are not protected and more than 300,000 acres are already included in proposed logging projects. You can help protect our forests from logging by making a quick phone call today.

For a year, we’ve been calling on the Biden administration to protect our oldest and most valuable trees and we’ve been making progress. Last April, President Biden issued an executive order directing the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management to address threats to mature and old-growth forests. We’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the President’s order and we’re expecting to see some announcements soon. We need to make sure that the Biden administration takes the strongest possible action to keep these forests standing and we need your help. We’re asking people across the country to call the White House and let them know that our older forests are worth more standing than they are as timber. Please make a phone call this week.

Call The White House comment line: 202-456-1111

The comment line is open from 8:00 am to12:00 pm PST Tue, Wed and Thu. You may need to wait on the line to reach someone to make your comment. If you get a busy signal, try calling back.


“My name is ___________ and I’m from ____________. I’m calling today about mature and old-growth trees and forests on federal land. Our older trees are incredibly valuable. They are habitat for hundreds of species, they filter water that millions of Americans depend on for drinking water and they absorb and store tons of carbon. Millions of acres of mature and old-growth trees are not protected from logging and as a result, hundreds of thousands of acres are threatened by logging projects and timber sales. I’m calling to thank President Biden for his executive order directing the conservation of mature and old-growth forests and to ask the President to take the next step by adopting a national rule to protect these trees from logging and other threats. Thank you.”

You can modify this script to include any personal information about how you’ve been affected by climate change, a wildlife species you care about or a particular old forest that you love.


The Worth More Standing report spotlights federal forest-management practices that are liquidating mature and old-growth forests and trees every day. It includes 10 examples that are part of a pervasive pattern of federal forest mismanagement that routinely sidesteps science to turn carbon-storing giants into lumber. Learn what actions you can take to protect Climate Forests across the country.

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