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The greatest immediate threat to mature and old-growth forests and trees on federal lands is logging.


On Apr 22, 2022, President Biden recognized the importance of our mature and old-growth forests on federal lands as an essential climate solution, and directed federal agencies to define, inventory, and develop policies to protect them. Despite this Executive Order, federal agencies like the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management continue to log these essential climate-saving forests at alarming rates. 


Ahead of two leading international conferences on climate change - COP 27 and the UN Biodiversity conference - we're rallying to tell President Biden this is his opportunity to act as a global climate leader and meet US commitments to fight both biodiversity loss and a rapidly warming planet by establishing a lasting, durable rule that protects mature and old-growth forests on federal lands as a cornerstone of US climate policy.

Join activists across the country this fall to tell the Biden Administration that our mature and old-growth forests are worth more standing!



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