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The greatest immediate threat to mature and old-growth forests and trees on federal lands is logging.


On Apr 22, 2022, President Biden recognized the importance of our mature and old-growth forests on federal lands as an essential climate solution, and directed federal agencies to define, inventory, and develop policies to protect them. Despite this Executive Order, federal agencies like the US Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management continue to log these essential climate-saving forests at alarming rates. 


Just shy of the one-year-anniversary of this announcement, both federal agencies opened up a pathway that could safeguard millions of acres of federal public mature and old-growth trees and forests from aggressive logging. We now have the opportunity to weigh in on both the DOI conservation rule AND the US Forest Service proposed rulemaking before June 20. Sign up below to attend a Field Hearing, where participants will have the chance to deliver public testimony and call for permanent protections for these essential climate-saving forests.

Join activists across the country to tell the Biden Administration that our mature and old-growth forests are worth more standing!



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