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Thank you President Biden
for taking the first step towards
letting trees grow

Old forests are our best line of defense against climate change and the alarming loss of biodiversity across the country. Older, bigger trees store vast amounts of carbon, protect drinking water for communities, and provide essential habitats for at-risk species. These trees are worth more standing. 

It is past time for the Biden Administration to protect old forests from logging.
Join us in calling for a new climate rule that conserves these trees and forests for future generations. 

Save Old Forests, Fight Climate Change

We, the undersigned, thank President Biden for his commitment to conserve mature and old growth forests as a critical climate solution, and call on him to support a strong, lasting rule across federal public lands that conserves mature and old-growth trees and forests. These imperiled and carbon-rich forests must be protected as a cornerstone of U.S. climate policy.


Taking administrative action to halt the logging of older forests on federal lands can and should be an enduring legacy of the Biden administration that will help the U.S. mitigate and adapt to the current and future impacts of climate change.


Conserving all remaining mature and old-growth trees and forests on public lands is directly in line with several stated objectives of the Biden administration, including the Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad. It is critical that the U.S. follows through on its domestic and international climate commitments by taking strong action to conserve older forests and trees.


These same areas are also home to many of America’s most iconic wildlife species. Many at-risk species depend on mature and old-growth forests and trees, and establishing permanent protections will preserve their essential habitat in addition to storing and sequestering more carbon — a strategy that is also aligned with the Biden administration’s goal to protect 30 percent of U.S. lands and waters from development by 2030.


Protecting and regrowing carbon-rich forests on Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands represents one of the most important and cost effective near-term climate solutions we have at our disposal. These trees store and continue to absorb vast amounts of carbon in addition to providing clean drinking water, critical wildlife habitat, and world-class recreational opportunities. Large, old trees are also the most fire resilient, so protecting them is complementary with efforts to protect communities from the risk of fire.


Unfortunately, these vital forests are still subject to logging. We need to ensure America's remaining mature and old-growth trees and forests remain in place to safeguard against future impacts from climate change, and to ensure that they remain intact for future generations. We call on you to support a strong, durable rule across federal public lands that protects our remaining mature and old-growth trees and forests from avoidable logging and promotes the prompt recovery of old-growth forests that have been lost.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!



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